Metallic wood

A team of engineers developed a new material called “metallic wood” that is as strong as titanium but much lighter.  

The construction begins with a template of nano-balls settled like a pile of cannonballs filled with electroplated nickel.  Afterward, the template is dissolved so that the porous metallic structure remains, allowing additional materials to be applied.  

The material is called metallic wood, not just because it has the density of wood but because it mimics the structure of trees.  It is porous, which enables it to be infused with other materials.  For instance, it may be filled with an electrolyte that could turn the part into a battery.  It can also be used in place of titanium in airplane wings and other high-performance parts.

While the team needs to further understand and test the material, the project looks promising.  What do you think about this innovation?  

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