Do-it-yourself solar system

Legion Solar installs in minutes, delivers instant results, and pays for itself 3x faster than traditional systems.

Basic Information

Product Details

What is it?

Legion Solar is an advanced solar system designed specifically for the do-it-yourself market (DIY). It comes complete with high-efficiency photovoltaic panels that are specifically manufactured to be lightweight enough for one person to handle with ease.

The system works with Net Meters, Bi-Directional Meters and Single Direction meters. Also, it comes in both 110VAC and 230VAC variants, and is compatible with overhead and underground utility lines.

It can support a system size as small as 200W, all the way up to 6.4kW. It can be easily scaled up anytime by simply daisy-chaining additional expansion sets.

The solar panels come with a 10-year warranty, 10-year 90% performance guarantee, and 25-year 80% performance guarantee. Inverters come with a 10-year warranty and other electronics such as monitoring hardware 5-year warranty.

Legion Solar takes advantage of the existing wiring that you already have in your home. This means you do not even need to upgrade your electrical panel.

What makes it responsible?

Legion Solar is probably the most affordable solar system on the market. It also gives you a great degree of freedom and helps you cover your electricity needs from the best renewable resource ever.

What makes it better than competition?

Unlike traditional contractor-installed solar systems that hinge on utility company permission because you are back feeding (generating power) to their grid, Legion Solar employs a ground-breaking technology that contains generated energy behind your meter where the utility company does not own, and does not feed back to the power grid.

As a result, you avoid having to pay for costs normally associated with traditional solar systems such as resellers’ markups, professional installation, sales rep overhead, workers comp insurance, permits, regulatory and other fees.

This, combined with the fact system is designed to be plug and play and optimized for the do-it-yourselfer where virtually anybody of any skill level can easily perform the installation, makes Legion Solar up to 300% more affordable than tradition solar systems.

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