Bacterial microrobots to kill cancer cells effectively

Researchers create bacterial microrobots that can kill cancer effectively and painlessly.  

The team used magnetic particles and sacs made of lipids that store drugs and attached them to E.coli bacteria.  These attachments turn the bacteria into microrobots that will be injected into a patient’s body.  Using a magnet, the researchers can steer the particles toward the tumor and trigger drug release with a laser.  

The great thing about the treatment is that it releases the drug directly into the tumors.  It can destroy cancer cells in a less invasive, painless, and more effective manner without affecting the entire body.  With more research and development, it could emerge as one of the most effective treatment strategies against cancer in the future. 

Will we finally be able to fight cancer effectively and with less pain using this innovation?  Let us know your thoughts about bacterial microrobots below. 

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