Virtual kiss a reality

A group of researchers developed a virtual reality headset that recreates the sense of touch, specifically a kiss on the mouth, without adding any parts covering that area.  

The team used a device called ultrasonic transducers that convert energy into vibrations.  The device could be integrated into headsets, creating sensations in the lips, teeth, and tongue.  More than the kiss, the researchers also presented other sensory demos, like raindrops, mud splatter, pushing through cobwebs, and crawling bugs. 

The effects are convincing with coordinated graphics, boosting realism and immersion.  Excitingly, the innovation can be further engineered to offer full-body virtual reality sensations.  This technology will soon allow us to experience things near reality, like a trip to the moon or the ancient past. 

Where do you want to go with this first-of-a-kind innovation?  What do you like to experience with virtual reality sensation technology?  Please comment below.    

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