VASIMR nuclear rocket can reach Mars in one month

A nuclear rocket developed by Ad Astra Rocket Company could reach Mars in only one month.  This is six months faster than typical rockets.    

The Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket, also known as VASIMR, took years of trial-and-error testing.  Its engine was designed to fly with nuclear reactors that heat the plasma.  The hot gas then propels the rocket at a very high speed.  

The goal is to make a much faster and safer spaceflight possible.  

A faster trip means less exposure to solar radiation, less risk of mechanical failures,  fewer health risks, and lesser chances of catastrophic failures.

VASIMR can provide propulsion at any time allowing it to change course if required, unlike conventional rocket ships.

What a record-breaking development.  Will humans successfully go to Mars anytime soon?  Comment your thoughts below.

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