Space-based solar power

China built a solar power system that could harvest energy from space and generate power 24/7.  

In theory, the OMEGA solar power system will connect to satellites that harvest solar power around the clock and beam energy down to Earth via high-frequency microwave beams.  The 75-meter-tall power plant will feature five different subsystems designed to develop space-based solar power lineups.     

The world’s first full-link and full-system solar power plant has a great potential.  It can collect energy continuously while addressing common problems, like bad weather and waiting for daybreak.  It can also cut our reliance on fossil fuels for energy.  However, challenges such as assessing the system’s effects on communications, air traffic, and the well-being of nearby residents still remain.

Will this innovation finally bring us a step closer to a more sustainable future?  Please comment your thoughts below. 

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