Drinking water from thin air

SOURCE is an off-grid, self-contained system that creates clean drinking water from just sunlight and air.

Basic Information

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What is it?

The system consists of two panels: one primary and one additional. Each panel is 4 feet x 8 feet (1.2m x 2.4m) and holds 30 liters in a reservoir where it is mineralized with calcium and magnesium, and kept clean for optimal taste and health.

The standard 2-panel system has 60 liters of water storage capacity and can produce 4-10 liters of clean, drinking water per day. That’s the equivalent of 8-20 16.9oz water bottles, every day. If you need more water, the system can be easily scaled up by adding more panels.

The SOURCE technology is optimized for a wide range of conditions and can even produce water in low to medium sun and humidity. It is currently used in more than 15 countries on 5 continents & exceeds the water quality standards in each place.

SOURCE Hydropanels has a 15-year life span and requires maintenance, just like any standard appliance. This includes the annual air filter and polishing cartridge change and the replacement of the mineral cartridge once every 5 years.

This is how SOURCE Hydropanels work: First, ambient air is drawn into the panels via fans. There, water vapor in the air is adsorbed onto a special hygroscopic material and passed through a condenser. The resulting liquid water flows into the onboard reservoir, where it is collected, mineralized for optimal health/taste and treated (with Ozone) to maintain optimal water quality over time. Finally, the collected water is pumped through a polishing cartridge prior to being dispensed to the customer.

What makes it responsible?

SOURCE Hydropanels harness the power of the sun to create a drinking water solution free from infrastructure, lengthy supply chains or transportation risk. SOURCE ensures everybody’s right to clean water by providing the first-ever path to complete drinking-water ownership.

What makes it better than competition?

Probably, the closest technology to SOURCE are dehumidifiers.

However, dehumidifiers connect to the electric grid and most often rely on active condensation using cooling coils or a refrigerant to extract moisture from the air. This process is energy-intensive and results in water that is not safe to consume.

SOURCE, on the other hand, is off-grid, using solar energy to raise the dewpoint inside the Hydropanels, driving passive condensation resulting in high-quality water that is pure and similar to distilled.

While both technologies make water from moisture in the air, SOURCE Hydropanels make high-quality drinking water without connecting to external power.

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