Smallest remote-controlled walking robot

Scientists built the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot that is as thin as a coin’s width.  

The robot looks and moves like a crab.  It does not need any power source or engine.  Instead, it uses lasers as a remote control that heats specific parts of the robot.  By aiming the lasers at different robot sections, the researchers can set the direction of locomotion.  By adjusting the frequency of the laser scanning, the robot’s speed can be modified, too.

While the robo-crab is continually being improved, this device is evident of a trend where they get smaller over time with many potential uses.  They can be used to repair or assemble small structures or machines or as surgical assistants that clear clogged arteries, stop internal bleeding, or eliminate cancerous tumors – all in minimally invasive procedures.

What other micro-robot applications can you think of?  Comment down your thoughts.

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