Solar Electric Vehicle: drive for months without charging

A startup from the Netherlands unveiled its final solar electric vehicle design.  

Called Lightyear 0, the vehicle features a battery pack and solar roof that promise a range of 450 miles on a single charge.  The car can be charged from any power outlet without needing to line up at charging stations.  Its roof is also equipped with five square meters of double-curved solar panels that provide an additional 44 miles of range per day.  The optimized solar panels enable the car to drive for months without charging, especially on sunny days.  

With the first deliveries planned for November 2022, Lightyear 0 will provide more range without additional batteries, reducing the car’s weight.  Fewer batteries also mean lesser carbon dioxide emissions in battery production.

The only drawback is its hefty $265,000 price tag.  Do you think this will attract people looking to get solar electric vehicles?  

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