Self-healing concrete fills any cracks that form

Researchers created self-healing cement that automatically fills any cracks that form.  

The concrete can self-regenerate by adding a simple substance found in our blood, called carbonic anhydrase.  When added to concrete powder, it uses carbon dioxide from the air to create calcium carbonate crystals that fill in the cracks after several hours.  Another method is adding the substance to water and calcium in a spray and applying it to a concrete crack.  If carbon dioxide is blown over the crack, it will seal itself in just minutes.  

This innovation can save building expenses, labor hours, and traffic slowdowns and, at the same time, help clean carbon dioxide out of the environment.  It can also significantly extend the lifespan of the concrete.

Imagine how much money and energy can be saved with this development.  What do you think of this concrete technology?  Please comment below.     

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