Self-healing cars

Self-healing cars could become a reality soon.

While there aren’t any self-repairing cars on the market yet, we seem to be heading in that direction.  For instance, Lamborghini and MIT are teaming up to make their self-healing car concept a reality by 2030.  The team will utilize nanotechnology, specifically carbon nanotubes, to create strong, light, and potentially self-repairing cars.  

Non-organic materials can self-heal using capsules that let out a substance that fills gaps when a material is damaged.  It can also use vascular networks like the veins on a leaf, where a healing agent flows to fix a void.

What do you think of self-repairing cars?  Will they ever become a reality?

A lot of work needs to be done to combine different materials into a single vehicle that can completely repair itself.  However, innovations in self-healing materials might make this a reality one day.

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