Popcorn for packing material: a sustainable alternative to styrofoam

New shipping material made from popcorn can replace Styrofoam ‘peanuts.’

To create the popcorn packaging, the team led by a German researcher takes corn waste products from corn flakes manufacturing.  Then, they fill them with steam to create the air-filled granulated popcorn.  It can be made from any type of corn and is entirely biodegradable.  

The packing can be compressed into shapes to hold different products, like fragile electronics and gadgets.  They can also be easily cut into precise shapes and shredded at the end of its life.  It is a great sustainable alternative to Styrofoam, which is derived from petroleum and could take centuries to break down.

Do you like this brilliant invention?  Do you think it will eventually replace Styrofoam in holding and transporting our fragile items?  Please comment your thoughts below.  

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