Edible biodegradable food packaging alternative

A packaging solutions company Notpla invented several types of waste-free containers for food, liquids, and other products.  It uses a plant-based coating, made from seaweed that protects the food and the environment by naturally biodegrading.  

Here are a few examples of its practical use:

 1) The company developed packets to store condiments.  These packets can be tossed into the compost alongside vegetable peels which biodegrade in about a month.

 2) It developed an edible and dissolvable container for water, juices, or even alcoholic beverages.  This is very practical for events like marathon sporting events. 

 3) Finally, picture dropping a pound of packed pasta directly into boiling water, where the packaging disintegrates.  

Imagine how much waste can be eliminated using these types of biodegradable packages.  What do you think?  Please comment below.


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