Neuritin: the natural antihistamine

Scientists discovered a protein called neuritin that stops allergies and autoimmune conditions.

By studying mice, researchers discovered how our bodies might defend against mistakes that cause conditions like asthma, food allergies, and lupus.  They found that neuritin produced by immune cells acts as an inbuilt antihistamine or anti-allergen.  To fully understand the mechanisms and effects of neuritin on the body, researchers are using white cells from human blood and tonsils to analyze the presence of the protein.  The results could lead to a better understanding of how we might use neuritin to address immune conditions.

When proven safe, the protein could be used as a completely new approach to treating allergies and autoimmune diseases without depleting or diminishing important immune cells or the entire immune system.    

Will this finally give peace to people who suffer from allergies and autoimmune diseases?  Share your thoughts with us.

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