Mechanical Neural Network (MNN): An AI material

Mechanical engineers at UCLA created a new material that uses artificial intelligence to learn behaviors and adapt to different circumstances.  The material could be applied in constructing buildings, airplanes, and imaging technology.

Called mechanical neural network (MNN), the team used concepts from an already existing artificial neural network (ANN) that drive machine learning.  The MNN consists of tunable beams that can change lengths, adapt to changing environments, and interact with other beams.  This allows the material to maintain its adaptability within the environment.

The MNN can be infused in constructing buildings to improve stability during earthquakes, hurricanes, or other disasters.  In building aircraft wings, it can learn and change into the shape of the wings based on the wind patterns during a flight.  

The team also plans on using the material to create a protective armor that averts shockwaves.

What do you think of this innovation?  

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