Lab-grown meatballs that could replace the real deal

Chinese researchers developed a more efficient way to mass produce lab-grown meatballs.

The team cultured muscle cells and fat cells separately in the laboratory.  They then put them together in an edible 3D-printed mold made of porous gelatin.  The carrier also serves as a scaffold for cell expansion using enzymes that eventually create meatballs.  

The researchers found that the cell expansion occurred at a faster pace.  Compared to previous studies, where expansion rates were 10-fold over seven days, the new micro-carrier delivered a 20-fold growth in the same period. 

Aside from being efficient to produce, the new meatballs have more protein and less fat than current store-bought meatballs.  The lab-grown meat is considered a viable alternative to sourcing animal meats in a much more sustainable way.

Could this lab-grown meat replace the real deal?  Let us know what you think.

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