Atmospheric water generator

A Tunisian tech start-up developed a generator that produces drinking water from thin air.  

The Kumulus technology replicates the dew effect and condensation of water from the air.  

The solar-powered machine draws humid air from the atmosphere and gets filtered from pollutants.  It then goes through a cooling process that causes droplets of water to appear in the collector.  The collected water gets filtered multiple times to prevent any particles or bacteria.  It then gets mineralized and saved in the water reservoir, ready to be consumed.

Producing 20 to 30 liters of water daily, the technology can be a solution to places with problems accessing safe drinking water.  It even has the potential to become a more sustainable and economical alternative to the current water sources.

Will we be seeing this water-generating machine around the world soon?  Share with us your thoughts by commenting below.    

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