Is time travel possible?

A physicist noted that time travel could be possible if multiple histories also exist.  

Many equations fully compatible with the theory of relativity were written to describe time travel.  However, these do not correspond with reality because of two reasons.  First, no current exotic material or technology is available to create a time machine.  Second, time travel creates paradoxes that dispute logic.  These paradoxes are contradictions of cause-and-effect within a timeline resulting from time-traveling.  

According to Physics assistant professor Baraks Shoshany, assuming we can build a time machine, one way to make time travel achievable is to eliminate its contradictions.  He and his students are working on finding a concrete theory of time travel with multiple histories compatible with general relativity.  Even if there is such a theory, this would not be enough to prove that time travel is possible, but it would at least mean that time travel is not ruled out by paradoxes.

What is your take on time travel?  Is it ever going to be possible?  

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