Pain-relieving implant

Northwestern University researchers developed a small, soft, flexible implant that relieves pain without drugs.  

The device works by wrapping around the nerves softly.  Its microfluidic channels containing liquid coolant and dry nitrogen deliver precise and targeted cooling that numbs the nerves.  This numbing effect blocks pain signals to the brain.  It has an external pump that helps the user remotely activate the device and control its intensity to avoid tissue damage.  Once the device is no longer required, the body absorbs it naturally, omitting the need for surgical extraction.  

Motivated by the idea of treating pain without drugs, this safe implant is an alternative to highly addictive treatments like opioids.  It is also helpful for patients who undergo routine surgeries or amputations.  Surgeons could implant the device during the procedure to manage the patient’s postoperative pain.

What do you think of this first-of-a-kind pain-relieving device? 

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