Hydrogen-powered eVTOL that can fly up to 800 miles

An aviation firm called Paragon has unveiled a hydrogen-powered electric vertical takeoff and landing or eVTOL aircraft that can fly up to 800 miles.  

The aircraft is designed with direct hydrogen combustion and a battery pack.  This hybrid system significantly reduces emissions and increases the range by up to 800 miles, depending on the configuration and load.  The large turbofans at the rear provide thrust.  The smaller fans on the wings give control and stability and allow vertical takeoff and landing.        

While the aircraft is intended to deliver cargo, it will eventually be used for mainstream consumers who want to experience first-class travel at a ride-share rate.  It can also be used as a fast aerial ambulance, with enough space for medical professionals to check on patients.

What other applications do you think can take advantage of this fast aircraft?  Please comment your thoughts below.  

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