Hydrogen-powered flying car resembles Star Wars

A French startup, Maca Flight, revealed a new hydrogen-powered flying race car concept.

Maca S11 is designed for speed and sustainability.  Its 6 electric motors are powered by a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a conventional battery.  Priced at just over $900,000, it will be ready to hit the racetrack in 2023. 

The carcopter resembles a flying F1 racer.  It is 23 feet long with a metal chassis and a frame made of carbon, linen, and wood.  With an expected top speed of 155 miles per hour, Maca S11 will have room for a single pilot.  The final product is equipped with multiple AI-powered detection systems to prevent collision.

Are you ready for Star Wars like carcopters?  Are we going to be flying instead of driving in the future? And, how will it change our lives? Please let us know in the comments below.

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