Histotripsy: non-invasive tumor removal

Scientists from the University of Michigan developed a new technique to destroy tumors.

The process called “histrotripsy” was tested in rats and is currently undergoing human tests in the US and Europe.  It uses non-invasive ultrasound waves that eliminate up to 75 percent of liver tumor materials.  The tumor size reduction enhances the immune system, beating the leftover cancerous tissues and preventing reemergence.

While tumors may not be eliminated entirely, the technology can cause the cancer cells to deteriorate and decrease the risk of spreading.   The procedure also provides a promising additional option to currently available tumor removal technologies.  Finally, because it is non-invasive, the process is safe.  It has shown no adverse side effects compared to chemotherapy and radiation poisoning.   

With this significant breakthrough, will we finally see a higher survival rate for cancer patients in the future?  Let us know what you think.

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