HERO technology could rival burning fossil fuels for power

An Australian research and development company can turn green hydrogen and oxygen into a heat source that rivals burning fossil fuels for power.

The process is called the “hydrogen energy release optimizer” or HERO.  It uses a catalyst that reacts with hydrogen and oxygen to produce heat hot enough to spin turbines that generate electricity.  It creates heat from 190° to over 1000° C with no flames and only laboratory-pure water as its byproduct.

The technology can be used in different applications – from cooking to energy generation.  Existing coal-fired power plants can transition to climate-friendly, hydrogen-based heat at zero costs.  It can also deliver green electricity to the community.  Furthermore, the company is developing more technology applications for heating, cooling, desalination solutions, and powering data centers. 

As the process relies on a secret catalyst, we hope the technology is safe.

Are you excited about this innovation?

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