Flying car that can fit in a garage

A Miami-based aerospace company begins taking pre-orders for its electric vertical take-off and landing or eVTOL aircraft that can fit into a garage.

The aircraft, H1, is a two-seater, futuristic-looking flying car that can carry a 500-pound payload and go up to 140 mph.  It features wheels, which is uncommon with eVTOLS, making it convenient to park in a garage and recharge overnight.  The aircraft has touchscreen monitors for navigation, landing, cameras, lights, ventilation, and more to regulate flight and user experience.  It also comes with a parachute for safety. 

Claimed to be more intuitive and simpler to operate than a helicopter or regular plane, the H1 is aimed at private pilots.  You can even fly the aircraft with a regular driver’s license after completing a 20-hour training course.

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