Genetically modified trees to absorb more co2

Living Carbon, a public benefit company, genetically-engineered trees to capture more carbon.

The team discovered that some plants absorbed more carbon than other trees because of their photosynthesis efficiency.  So, the researchers worked on enhancing the natural processes of commonly-planted trees, like poplar, to improve its photosynthetic activity without elaborate structural changes.  The enhancement enabled the genetically-engineered trees to catch more carbon in a shorter period than common plants.  

Realizing that we have surpassed the point where reducing emissions is not enough to rebalance our ecosystems and stabilize our planet, the company thinks that now is the time for large-scale carbon removal.  The photosynthesis-enhanced trees could be a viable solution to accelerate our response to climate change.  

Do you think this biotechnological innovation will finally be able to clean our atmosphere and combat climate change?  Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.  

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