United Airlines re-orders 200 electric flying taxis

United Airlines pre-orders 200 electric flying taxis with vertical take-off.  

This is the company’s second investment with an eVTOL company, making them the first airline in the industry to do so.

The eVTOL taxis or the electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles have been in development for some time now.  United Airlines believe they have the potential to really work in the transportation market.  They also hope to have zero carbon emissions by 2050 without carbon offsets. 

With the skies above major cities set to become the next lanes of traffic, aviation authorities will need ideas about how to manage the transportation environment in a world where 500-1,000 flying taxis work in every metropolis making several trips per day.

Will more and more airline companies follow United Airlines and other airlines’ efforts toward a more sustainable industry?  Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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