Flying paramedics

A British jet suit company successfully tested a jet pack that can fly paramedics where ambulances and helicopters can’t go.

The jet suit includes two miniature jet turbines on each arm and a fifth engine housed in a backpack.  Priced at $440,000, the device is reportedly capable of creating over 300 pounds of thrust with 1,050 brake horsepower.  

During the test, the suit could cover a distance in just 90 seconds, which could take around 25 minutes to reach by foot.  It has been tested with the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) in its search and rescue missions in the remote Lake District of northern England.   

This year’s tests have demonstrated the vast potential of utilizing Jet Suits to deliver critical care services.  

Do you think other areas and countries will also utilize this innovative and valuable product soon?  Please comment your thoughts below.   

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