CO2 battery by Energy Dome

The first CO2 battery in the world developed by an Italian start-up, Energy Dome, enters the US market.  

The battery can store huge amounts of energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar by using condensed CO2.  When there is a need for energy, the CO2 is heated and converted into gas to power turbines.

The first plant launched in Sardinia earlier this year proved that the battery could solve storage problems for large amounts of renewable energy.  Current batteries like lithium and lead batteries are expensive and only ideal for small-scale storage.  The CO2 battery, on the other hand, is sustainable, cheaper, and less prone to degradation.  It can be quickly deployed anywhere at lesser costs.  The battery also uses readily available materials.    

Will the CO2 battery be the missing link that could supercharge the transition to renewable energy?  Let us know your thoughts.  

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