Solar water heater that works at night

Eco is an efficient thermodynamic solar water heating system that works in any weather conditions, even at night.

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What is it?

Eco is one of the most efficient water heating systems available. It combines the advantages of two separate technologies: the heat pump and the solar thermal collector.

The way Eco works is it circulates a refrigerant inside a closed circle. The refrigerant is a very cold liquid with the boiling temperature of around -30°C/-22°F. The liquid is pumped into the solar panel where it absorbs heat from the outside environment.

When the liquid reaches a certain temperature, it evaporates to form a hot gas. The gas is then pumped into the heat exchanger, where it warms the water. The refrigerant cools down and the process is repeated.

Because the outside temperature of the solar panel is almost always higher than the refrigerant, Eco is able to absorb heat in practically all conditions, day and night, during rain, wind or snow.

The system consumes approximately the same amount of energy as a fridge compressor. Its only use is to circulate the refrigerant. There are no ventilators or defrost cycles needed, so there is additional energy consumed to operate the system.

As a result, you can enjoy hot water of up to 55°C/131°F, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with high efficiency and without releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Eco is intended primarily for residential applications and comes in sizes ranging from 200 to 450 litres, with 1 or 2 solar panels, and an optional supplementary coil. Other models are available for commercial applications, such as hotels, schools or office buildings.

What makes it responsible?

Eco produces hot water very efficiently from renewable resources, regardless of weather or time of the day. You can expect savings of up to 85% on your electricity bill.

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