Drug to cure rectal cancer tumors

A small drug trial in the US successfully treated all patients with rectal cancer tumors.  

The medication called dostarlimab, sold under the brand name Jemperli, was administered to 12 patients every three weeks for six months.  Standard chemoradiotherapy and surgery were set to follow if the tumors returned.  Fortunately, the tumors did not return.  

The medication is an immunotherapy drug used to treat endometrial cancer.  However, this was the first clinical investigation to observe its effectiveness against rectal cancer tumors.  The immunotherapy drug uses the immune system to recognize and fight cancer cells.   

More study is needed in broader patient groups to know the drug’s safety and effectiveness. 

However, if further research can replicate the same positive results, we might be witnessing the development of a new kind of cancer therapy.

Will this finally bring new hope to cancer patients?  Let us know your thoughts.  

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