Can CO2 be used as fuel

Businesses are now using photosynthesis to produce sustainable fuels

For instance, a company called Dimensional Energy uses artificial photosynthesis to make raw materials for jet fuel.  Like plant photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is captured from the atmosphere and converted to energy using sunlight. 

While converting carbon dioxide into energy is not new, it took years to finally make the technology cost-effective. 

What’s exciting about this development is that it can significantly reduce the environmental damage caused by the aviation industry.  We can soon look at it as carbon neutral.  Meaning, it would capture as much carbon as it gives out.  Furthermore, the technology can also be used to manufacture other products like plastics and other fuel types.

Are you excited about this innovation?  Will we finally end our reliance on fossil fuels and control the worst effects of climate change?  Let us know what you think. 

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