Proteus: a catamaran boat for rough seas

The Marine Advanced Robotics in California created a new type of boat with spider-like legs that perform even in rough sea conditions.

Called Proteus, the boat is equipped with suspension legs that are made of springs, shocks, and ball joints.    The system moves in tandem with the waves, significantly improving seagoing capabilities that other similar-sized boats could no longer operate.    They can even spin 360 degrees in their own footprint.  

The ultra-light catamaran is highly modular, as users can exchange different systems and packages for various operations.    You can also have the boat customized for your needs.    The boat is easy to assemble and disassemble.    Finally, they can be operated remotely or autonomously and run on either combustion engines or electric motors.

As the technology makes sea travel safer, do you think this can be used for commercial applications?    Let us know what you think.   

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