Vegan leather alternative made from cellulose

A New York-based company Bucha Bio developed a leather alternative from bacterial nanocellulose and 100% plant-based components. 

The material is water-resistant, scratch-resistant, sunlight-resistant, and flame-resistant. Its tensile strength and durability is comparable to that of traditional cowhide and superior to that of petrochemical plastic textiles, such as polyurethane.

The production requires little water and emits no greenhouse gases or toxic waste products. It can be grown in just a few weeks, which is faster than a typical run of petrochemical-based textiles and significantly faster than the years it takes to raise an animal to suitable slaughter weight.

It can fully replace all premium applications of animal leather, polyurethane, latex, vinyl, epoxy, and more.

Because the material is made from an infinitely renewable resource, produces zero waste, and needs minimal energy and water input, it can be a game-changer for both the fashion industry, but also for animal husbandry.

In short, we will no longer need to feel guilty about enjoying leather products for their beauty and utility value.

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