Best, non-toxic, and sustainable diapers

Diapers made of bamboo, organic cotton, sugarcane, and cornstarch are among the best, non-toxic, and sustainable diapers parents can choose for their babies without breaking the bank.

Even products that are labeled as natural still contain harmful chemicals like chlorine, phthalates, latex, and parabens. To help parents make the safest and most practical diaper choices, Ecocult did some research based on diaper materials, biodegradability, toxicity, sustainability, and reusability. They recommended three brands, including Dyper, which is made of bamboo and other plant-based materials; Healthybaby, which uses organic cotton; and Kudos, which contains sugarcane and cornstarch.   

The brands are affordable and live up to most of their advertising. On their websites, they also list the complete materials they use.

How about you? What healthy and eco-friendly diapers can you recommend to other parents? Let us know by commenting below.  

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