Water from atmosphere

A team of researchers developed a gel film that harvests drinking water from the atmosphere, even in the driest climates.

One of the components of the film is konjac gum, a powder extracted from a root vegetable.   The material boasts of open pores that help expose it to air and is combined with different types of salt to naturally absorb water.  Other ingredients are added to the gel, allowing it to quickly capture and release water when heated.

1 kilogram of the gel can harness 6 to 13 liters of water per day.  The materials that facilitate the process cost about $2 per kilogram. 

Such a technology could be instrumental in many homes, especially in third-world countries, since it is cheap and usable.

Will this technology finally help save millions of people who strive to find water in dry areas?  Please share your thoughts below.  

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