Ancient air conditioning system reinvented

An industrial designer in Israel adapted an ancient air conditioning system to create a stylish wall ornament that cools a room without electricity.

The decorative cooling system called Nave is inspired by the Jarrah of ancient Palestine.  It is a large terracotta radiator filled with cold water.  The pores in the terracotta release tiny amounts of water that evaporates and cools down the interior of the Nave.  The process cools the wall radiatively and, thus, the room.  

The system is best in desert climates where the dry air makes evaporation faster.  While it is more expensive than a regular air conditioning unit, you can recover the cost through energy savings.  It is also beautiful to look at and frees up the use of the window.

Would you love to have this decorative cooling system in your home?  Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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