Water-based battery

Alsym Energy, a Massachusetts battery startup, launches low-cost water-based batteries.

The battery uses no lithium, cobalt, or nickel to avoid the problems in supply and costs of the materials.  Instead, the cathode is primarily manganese oxide, and the anode is a different metal oxide.  The electrolyte is also water-based, meaning no solvents are used.

All materials are non-flammable and non-toxic, making sourcing, manufacturing, application, and end-of-life processes safe and environment-friendly.  The new power storage also reduces the need for expensive battery management and cooling systems in electric vehicles.  It would make a better solution for electric water vessels and two-wheeler applications with poor heat dissipation, like scooters and electric bikes.   

The company is now partnering with an automaker in India and in talks with companies in the marine shipping and electric two-wheeler markets to provide batteries.  

What do you think about this new low-cost environment-friendly battery?  

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