Algae-filled panels that provide energy and oxygen

A Mexico-based startup creates algae-filled panels that could provide electricity and oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide.

One side of the panel is where the algae grow.  The other side circulates carbon particles in the water that generate heat.  The heat is then run through a generator to produce electricity that can power the building.  Each panel yields 328 KWh/m2 of energy per year and saves 90 KWh/m2 of energy by keeping the heat during colder weather.  The panels can also offer a shaded effect during summer and keep the interiors cooler. 

More tests across the globe will be carried out to complete its development.  While costs, ease of installation, maintenance, and other factors are still unavailable, we hope this technology will be available soon and made affordable for the public.

Will this innovation help us move to a greener future?  Let us know your thoughts.  

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