A solar-powered aircraft without the need for a pilot can stay in the sky for a year

In 2023, a new solar aircraft might stay in the sky for an entire year without landing.

A US-Spanish aerospace company, Skydweller, will work with the US Navy to improve its uncrewed solar-powered aircraft, capable of staying in the air for days.  The new aircraft will be the world’s first pseudo-satellite, meaning it can remain aloft for even until a year and does basically anything a satellite does.  

Since the plane can return to Earth anytime, it would not create a problem with space debris, unlike current satellites.  The aircraft will also be able to fly autonomously like a drone.  There will be a pilot for safety, but not a necessity.  Finally, apart from national defense, it can have environmental applications, such as monitoring the use of natural resources and even disaster response, once deployed.

What do you think of the pseudo-satellite aircraft?


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