4D printing allows products to change shape over time

A new printing technology, the 4-D printer, transforms the printing world by allowing products to change shape over time.  

The 4-D printing technology is like 3-D printing with a fourth dimension that allows the product to be programmed to open up, grow, or change shape, instead of being rigid.  Imagine pipes that expand under high-water pressure, shoes that respond to your foot’s movement, and tubes inserted into the human body that open once in the right location.

The printer is flexible and very efficient, producing zero waste.  It can also use more sustainable material options like natural and recycled materials.  Using the 4-D printer can also mean building anything, from life-saving medical supplies to bridges, without plastic.

The technology is still in its infancy, yet the possibilities are endless.  What other innovative products do you think 4-D printers can create?  Please drop a comment below. 

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